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Here at ATOGNC we believe that if you repair fiberglass and gel coat it then you shouldn’t ever have to worry about it shrinking, cracking, chipping, or popping out if bumped while docking or loading of your boat. Unlike repairs made with Bondo, epoxy, Cab-o-Sil or any other fillers that keep coming out year after year, our repairs are raw hand layered fiberglass.  We guarantee all of our repairs. We can also fix repairs that have failed or just don’t look good.  We also repair transoms, floors, motor mounts, stringer repairs or replacement, blister repair, and bottom paint.With over 20 years of experience we can custom match all colors no matter the age of the boat or how dirty and stained it is. We also have the ability to custom paint or vinyl wrap your boat to your liking. We also offer out drive refinishing using the proper chemicals, primers and paints for fresh or salt water applications.

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